CBD Oil for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

cbd oil for pets

In some states across the U.S, medicinal marijuana and trusted CBD are available to people with a variety of ailments. Now, as research continues to emerge, vets and pet parents alike have found that CBD Oil can also benefit dogs in a number of ways.

Whether your pet has seizures, anxiety or cancer, CBD Oil can offer relief against symptoms of these issues and many more. Vets around the world have reported positive results after treating pets with CBD Oil.

Like us, dogs have an endocannabinoid system. That means, their bodies, just like ours, are equipped to derive benefit every dose of CBD Oil. Here are a few reasons why CBD Oil is perfect for your pet.

CBD is a Powerful Analgesic

Research has shown that CBD can help relieve pain much better than conventional painkillers. CBD achieves this in different ways. In the body of humans, it tends to delay anandamide absorption. This compound is responsible for reducing your body’s pain signal. Since this compound spends a lot more time in the body when it interacts with CBD, the body’s response to pain is dulled.

Plus, CBD is also an anti-inflammatory compound. It can reduce inflammation brought about by certain issues. This also helps to reduce the resulting pain. This is particularly the case where joints are concerned. Research has shown that CBD can relieve inflammation and joint pain.

Pets like dogs tend to experience joint issues. The reason is not quite clear yet. Several conditions fall under joint pain. What is clear, though, is that every kind of joint issues brings with it a lot of pain.

cbd oil

Thankfully, CBD has proven very effective against all related symptoms. Studies have indicated that CBD Oil is also effective against chronic pain, intestinal and pancreatic inflammation.

So, if your dog seems to be experiencing joint pain, a dose of CBD oil will help put your pet at ease.

CBD reduces Anxiety in Dogs

Like humans, dogs also experience anxiety. Irrespective of the reason your dog is experiencing anxiety, which could be separation, age of fear, CBD has been found to lower sensation and the resulting symptoms.

Common symptoms of anxiety in dogs include compulsive chewing, tremors, persistent barking, and aggression. It is not quite clear how CBD does this, but scientists believe the working mechanism is similar to that of anxiolytic drugs. It increases the level of serotonin in your dog’s brain.

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CB can also relieve seizure symptoms in Dogs

This is one of the most important applications of CBD Oil. This extract is an effective anticonvulsant. It can help alleviate seizures, tremors, spasms, and even tics. Research on humans has shown promising results. For instance, a recent study has shown that close to 90 percent of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy improved significantly after treatment with CBD Oil.

Most dogs with epilepsy are often put on medication with severe side effects. The drugs include potassium bromide and phenobarbital. Unlike most drugs on the market today, CBD Oil can restore neuron order and even prevent spasmodic events.

Most pet parents have experienced significant improvement in the health of their pets after a few doses of CBD Oil.

CBD can help fight pet cancer

CBD Oil and a number of other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant have anti-tumor properties. Research has shown that CBD is able to stop the progression of cancer and it can even accelerate the death of cancer cells.

In addition, CBD can enhance the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment and even help in reducing side effects.

CBD can relieve effects associated with autoimmune disease

CBD is known to reduce the release of cytokines that cause inflammation in the body. These elements cause hypersensitivity and allergic reactions in the body. In addition, CBD can decrease inflammation caused by the th17 phenotype, which is one of the man causes of autoimmune disease.

CBD also helps to alleviate systemic body inflammation common with autoimmune disease, and it even relieves related symptoms.

CBD help to facilitate homeostasis

Cannabinoids promote good health because they contribute to the success of homeostasis in the body. The process of homeostasis helps to maintain equilibrium in your pet’s body. It ensures that all functions are working properly.

Illnesses can arise when vital systems in the body are unbalanced. CBD encourages homeostasis. For that reason, even though your pet is not ill, you should give him CBD oil as a supplement to keep your pet in good health.

Ensure you consult your vet before you begin CBD to your pet. Vets know how much CBD Oil will be good for your pet. You can give your own CBD to your pet when his runs out, but ensure it does not have turmeric.

Potential Risks of CBD Oil for your Pet

Like most other medications, overdosing your pet is risky. The critical one is THC toxicity. This means your pet will have outrageous amounts of THC in the body. Based on how much THC is in your pet’s body, the effects can be long terms, often lasting days. During this time, your pet may find it difficult to eat or stand. If you think your pet overdosed, consult your vet as soon as possible.

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Life-threatening cases from CBD use in dogs are quite rare. Toxicity usually occurs when your pet eats products with coffee, chocolate, and raisins. Even if THC poisoning isn’t that serious, your pet might have problems due to the other components.

That said, poisoning could be serious when your pet consumes large quantities of medical Cannabis. The result is often fatal. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you prevent CBD overdose. Plus, do not buy into overzealous CBD campaigns, particularly if you know nothing about the advertisers.

How to administer CBD Oil to your Dog

Although you can find topical treatment, CBD Oil is usually provided orally. You can use it together with other traditional medications. New research has shown that combining CBD with other medications has synergistic benefits. There are few to no interactions that you should worry about.

cbd oil for pets

But, the right dosage is important. As is common with any other medication, good results come when the dosage is right. In addition, there is an issue that pet parents need to be aware of. Research has not been able to formulate the right dosage for dogs. Therefore, the best thing to do is speak to a vet on matters to do with dosage.

Where to buy CBD oil for your pet

Pet parents want the best for their pets. Since CBD is still a completely new idea to pet parents, you need to find a seller who is open about CBD sourcing and manufacture. Your vendor should be able to provide CBD Oil in a variety of forms. Pets have different preferences. One may love pure CBD Oil, while another will take to CBD pet treats.

If you want good health and a long life for your pet, try different products and find one that your pet will love. CBD Oil sourced by a renowned company in the U.S is natural, soy-free, non-GMO and has been tested in approved labs. This CBD contains healthy and delicious components such as turmeric, butter, and peanut. They also come in a variety of forms including treats, tinctures, Coconut Oil, peanut butter and soft chews.

If you reside in a region that does not have medical marijuana, the best alternative is hemp-based CBD. This is ideal for your pet since it contains a very low concentration of THC.

Final Word

CBD Oil is not only beneficial to humans, but it can also be used to improve your pet’s health. It can help alleviate health issues in dogs including anxiety, symptoms of cancer, autoimmune disease. It can promote body balance by enhancing homeostasis. Unfortunately, unlike for humans, there are no prescribed doses for dogs. If you are in doubt, speak to a vet and find out the right dose for your breed.






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