How do you set goals in 5 steps?

How do you set goals in 5 steps?

We all have one life and it comes with several wants, desires, wishes, and needs. We think of various things we need to do to accomplish in those wants or needs, but often fail to set goals. You can’t achieve these targets only when you make them and work on them, but it works when you organize them.

There are many kinds of goals, such as life goals, short term goals, relationship goals, professional goals, and personal goals. To accomplish any of such goals, one needs planning, a specific target, a time period and a positive approach.

We often dream and plan to do a lot of things which eventually fails. You need to know how to set a goal to achieve them for real. It might take a good amount of time but you must accomplish it.

Set goals in 5 simple steps

There is no need to hurry or rush towards your goals, take your time and do it in the right way. Setting goals and accomplishing them helps in building a positive character and makes you a better person. It adds discipline to your life and gives meaning to your hard work and direction to your journey. Check out the five simple steps that will help you set your goals and work on it:

     1. Know your goals really well

Setting goals start off with knowing your inner self and being able to answer your questions. What you are? What do you want from life? Who do you want to be? Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? These are some of the questions that you need to interrogate within yourself.

Keep on exploring your dreams and desires. What you want today, tomorrow, in a week, within a month, by the end of this year, and plan accordingly. For an instance, suppose you want to become a guitarist, what you need to do is learn the basics within a month or two. Next, you move up to the next level and learn the chords in the second month. Next, you learn about the next level of playing the guitar or hire a professional for help.

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In this manner, within 6 to 8 months you learn to play decently if not like a professional. By the end of a year, you can play any tune or chord you want to play. All this can only be achieved if you set a goal and practice on a regular basis.

     2. Take small steps

This is an important factor when you are setting your goals. We all want to aim big but to achieve big, you need to take small steps. A big jump might not be helpful enough for you to reach your target but a couple of small steps can make the journey quite easy. The areas which you want to develop in your life can be the goals you would like to achieve.

These areas can be anything, such as financial conditions, educational qualifications, a better lifestyle, career, health, and family. Take small steps towards your goal, and move slowly but steadily. Keep a tab on the progress you make and the time you take to reach your goal.

     3. Note down your goals

To achieve greater goals in life you need to achieve the small or short term goals first. The process to do so is very easy. First, write down your short term goals. You should always write down your goals as it is hard to ignore them. Now select the important goals at first and rewrite the goals again according to your priority. Once it is done, select the first goal you want to achieve. Work on accomplishing the first goal. The moment you’ve achieved your first goal, move to the second one on the list.

     4. Set a timer

After you’ve done everything to achieve your goal you might miss it if you don’t set your goals periodically. As we all know, slow and steady wins the race, so here is your opportunity to go slow and achieve your goals. You might be focusing hard on your long term goals but due to that don’t miss out on your short term goals. Revaluate the entire process and plan accordingly. Adjust the time span you’ve decided to accomplish your goals and focus on completing them within the time period. It will help you develop a sense of responsiveness and discipline.

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    5. Keep your priorities sorted

At every point in time we have to keep our priorities sorted. We cannot give similar priorities to everything or everyone around us. Even if we try to do so, we often end up hurting our loved ones or losing out on our friends and families. This is the same for our goals.

You just cannot give equal priority to all of your goals. You must put your primary goals on the top of the list, then your secondary goals and finally the tertiary goals. To do so, you just can’t flip a coin and select your primary goals.

You must be completely sure of what you want when you want and how you want it. It is the most sensitive and crucial moment in our life. One wrong step or decision can ruin everything. So it is better to think, understand your needs and follow your dreams which you can pursue in reality.

One can have multiple goals but when it comes to fulfilling them, we fail miserably. So it is better to prioritize your goals and avoid the conflicting goals scenario. For instance, there is a conflict within you with a minor goal and a major goal. You cannot achieve both at the same time so you need to focus on the major goal first and then on the minor one.

Final thoughts

Your goals in life are the stepping stones for a brighter future and you need to stay focused. You must plan your goals in a manner that there is a process to follow, there are positive vibes to boost your confidence, there is a time span to accomplish it and most importantly your goals should have a life. You just can’t waste a couple of years for a goal which eventually doesn’t turn out to be fruitful for you.

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