How event organizers and marketers use QR codes

The biggest events worldwide use QR codes from pre, during, and post-event—and it’s not difficult to see why.The versatility of QR codes has opened many possibilities for event organizers and marketers to ease their operations and process and improve the attendees’ experiences in their online or offline events.With the best QR code generator having more advanced features, event organizers and marketers can do much more with their QR codes, including live tracking, geo-location, data summary and consolidation, and more.For event organizers that have yet to tap into the QR codes, you may be missing out on an all-in-one solution for your events. Here are the top use cases for QR codes for events.

Marketing and promotions for your events

Creating a digital marketing strategy with QR codes effectively markets your events online and offline.QR codes printed on materials can lead attendees, guests, and the public to the event page on social media, video promotion on YouTube, or personalized invites on websites.With more people visiting your online channels, your events can increase chances of better turnout for attendees and improve engagements in your online platforms, too!QR codes allow event organizers to effectively market their events across two different media with a smooth application and implementation.

Automated ticketing solution

Efficient ticketing software allows event organizers to monitor the attendance of their events and ticket sales performance.With the automation features of QR code generators, organizers can track event attendance because each scan in the QR code reflects in the database instantly.What’s great is that QR codes for ticket events are also more difficult to counterfeit, ensuring organizers of accurate sales and attendance numbers and preventing themselves from falling victim to fraud.Event organizers can implement QR code tickets in two ways: give out a QR code for each attendee to scan upon entering the venue or let attendees scan the QR code placed in the turnstile.Either way, there’s plenty of event-organizing software that organizers and attendees can use for more comprehensive ticketing processes.

Provide different accesses according to ticket tiers

According to ticket tiers, some event organizers may include fan access, such as backstage passes, soundchecks, and photo-ops.With a bulk QR code generator, event organizers can customize the ticket inclusions to provide ticket tiers with various perks and benefits.Of course, the higher the ticket tier, the better the perks and accesses included.While QR codes for exclusive access works for significant events, conferences, conventions, and expos can also use technology for special autographs and gifts from artists, entertainers, exhibitors, and more.

Offer instructional videos and event guides

With such a big gathering, event organizers must inform attendees of horse rules, fire exits, and other preventive measures.Event organizers can include a QR code from the seat or print it in the freebies attendees receive upon entering the venue.Scanning the QR code can lead users to an instructional video and guide, so they can watch the show more safely and more fun.Otherwise, some fan clubs organize fan projects, where attendees can sign altogether or light flashlights on their smartphones during a certain song.Fan clubs can include a QR code in freebies, which attendees can scan to learn more about these gimmicks.

Generate QR codes for events management

Events can be daunting to manage with all of the things that can happen at the same time.However, event organizers can have brave through pre, during, and post-event activities with the right tools, such as a QR code generator.Looking for the best QR code generator? You should go for one that offers a complete set of QR solutions and customization tools. It would also be great if it had an ISO 27001 certification. The answer? QRTIGER.Visit the best QR code generator to learn more about the use cases of QR codes for events.

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