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 Using android phone alone is not the solution or a way to live in today’s world. You need to be updated about all the leading apps that can be used to have ease at an individual level. There are numerous apps which are specially designed for android phones. There is a wide range of apps available to be used on your android phone for your daily use. People still believe that they can only download apps from the Play store. They are not aware that it is not the only app from which you download your apps there are so many available in the market with more vibrant features and benefits. People need a common platform which provides them ease to download any type of app.

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The leading 9Apps APK aims at providing a common platform for the users and allows them to download the application of their own choice from the wide categories available. In this application, you need to search individually about the application you want. There is separate segregation of the apps relating to education, sopping, business, fashion, lifestyle, social media, health, running, sports, etc. every user downloads 25-30 apps in their android depending on the requirements and nature. You can have the full access to all kinds of applications with just a single click of your phone. The main feature of this application is it is light in weight and allows fast downloading of apps. Here are some features of this app:

  • Search engine: This application also looks like a search engine where you can search for your favorite apps.
  • All in one: This app provides you all in one app of all the categories at our ease.
  • Updates: This application comes up with daily or timely updates in the app to provide the improved experience to the users.
  • Fast downloading: This app allows users to download the apps at a fast speed. 
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Vidmate is the second leading app which is gaining popularity among users due to its unique benefits provided. YouTube only allows the users to watch a video but it does not allow the users to download their favorite video. So they need an application which helps them to download the videos from not only YouTube but also from other media at no cost. Vidmate has come up with the most friendly user interface which is very easy to operate by the users. Have a look at the benefits of this app:

  • Available in different formats: Video can be downloaded in any format like mp3,mp4, etc.
  • Quality options: Different quality options can be chosen to download the videos. You can download the video in your own quality preference as per your need.
  • Watch the video, shows, etc.: you can watch or stream your favorite videos, TV shows or any other music video from this application. You can watch and download the video clip.

Vidmate Download 2019 is the app which allows the users to download videos at no cost with added features. You can watch your favorite videos without any interruption with any advertisements.

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