5 Reasons to Install Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators

If we go a few years back, we realize that home elevators weren’t as common back then. They were considered as a symbol of luxury or linked with some medical necessity. However, things have changed over time and home elevators have become much more popular. The reasons behind this increasing popularity include decreasing installation and equipment costs and changes in people’s preferences and lifestyle.

In the past, most of the homes that had elevators were usually because the house had either paralyzed or an elderly person who needed support to move up and down the floors. But today, people install elevators for various other reasons like convenience or security, etc.

There are various benefits of home elevators that people hadn’t realized until recently. As they get to know how beneficial home elevators can be, more and more homemakers opt to install residential elevators in their houses.

Have a look at the major benefits that come with residential elevators, we have listed down the top 5 below:

  • Functionality & Convenience

Residential elevators make your life simpler. They save your time and energy that you spend on climbing stairs, moving up and down all day. Using a staircase several times a day can make you tired and exhausted, especially if you’re carrying bulky objects along with you. With an elevator, this movement becomes easier. You can carry heavy items and move between floors much more easily.

Moreover, the elder people or the ones with mobility issues can move around their house with ease. Elevators offer them much-wanted independence. The ones bound with wheel-chairs require the support of other people or equipment for travel up and down. While they would love to freely move around their home, they just avoid it so they don’t cause trouble to other members of the house. In such cases, elevators provide them with a reliable and dignified way to move between the floors of their home.


Residential elevators are a great way to offer accessibility and additional convenience to all the people living in the house. A home elevator has the capacity to transport up to 950 pounds and has a maximum space of about 15 square ft. So you carry most of the stuff in elevators and get things done is much lesser time.

  • Saves A Lot of Space

If you think that your home doesn’t have space for an elevator, you have to think again. It is because residential elevators don’t require much space. They’re the size of a closet and take much less space as compared to a staircase. Residential elevators usually involve vertical installation and can be easily built against existing walls, whereas staircase, on the other hand, requires much more space for installation and has a larger footprint. In some cases, when the house doesn’t have sufficient space for an elevator, it can be installed outside the home against an external wall, with an indoor entry at every floor.

  • Increases the Value of Your Home

Elevators are a long-term investment and last till the life of your home. One major benefit of these elevators are that they increase the property value of your home and help you attract more home buyers. It is because today, most of the people get attracted to houses that offer full accessibility, not the ones where mobility becomes an issue.

So, installing a home elevator will increase the worth and desirability of your property, and make its resale much easier.

  • Safety

In addition to providing additional accessibility, elevators also provide better safety to the members living in the house. This is especially true for the elderly, children, and physically disabled people who find it difficult to travel between floors using the stairs. Stairs are always risky for these people as they can fall or slip, and get injured. When children are moving up and down the stairs, they have to be constantly monitored so that they don’t trip over the railings. However, when you have an elevator installed in your home, you can be sure that your children and elderly parents are traveling safety between the floors. Also, if you have any physically disabled person in your home, he or she can move safety up and down the house without needing any support. This gives you and your family peace of mind that they’re safe and secure.

  • Style

As residential elevators have become much more affordable than before, many homeowners are installing them to add style and class to their home. As discussed before, residential elevators are a long-term beneficial investment that will increase the value of your home and may make it the most popular one in the street. Residential elevators are not only reserved for the elite class members anymore, therefore, but more homeowners are also adopting the trend of residential elevators and planning to install elevators in their home today.

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