Top Reasons to Trust Google Pay

Trust Google Pay

Google recently launched Google Pay, a contactless payment app designed to resemble a digital wallet. Google Pay is ideal for users who are interested in making regular in-app purchases, sending e-payments to other G-Pay consumers, and utilizing the app for making purchases at shops, restaurants, and various physical outlets.

Launching Google Pay is considered as one of the smartest decisions by the parent company as contactless payment apps continue to become popular due to the pandemic with remote work becoming the norm all across the world. Unfortunately, as the world moves to the digital sphere, cybercrime increasingly pushes boundaries while finding innovative ways to perform malicious acts for usurping cash.

Yet, the question remains, can a user trust Google Pay? Should a user have privacy concerns with Google Pay? Are the risks worth a shot for using Google Pay?

How to Use Google Pay?

Users interested in Google Pay will need to have a debit/credit card on their name, as they can’t use G-Pay without it. They can add several cards and make each a possible pathway for online payment. What’s more, is that the service comes with a balance option, so every time a user receives a payment, they have the option to either store it in the app or withdraw it from the branch that was linked with the app.

Besides this, Google Pay also gained popularity because the app uses Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows the user to make payment without exposing personal details such as their card number.

Top Reasons For Trusting Google Pay

Read on to find out the top reasons for trusting the Google Pay app.

G-Pay Conceals a User’s Financial and Personal Details

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Google is technically far more secure than using a regular debit/credit card. When it comes to making online payments, payments made with the G-Pay app are done via tokens, called virtual card numbers. The user’s real card number is hidden while the transaction is made. Thus protecting both user and receiver from security threats and all kinds of scams and fraudulent activity, that may put them in danger.

App Ensures Full User Security While Alerting for any Suspicious Activity

Google Pay uses NFC for all payments so that no one can interfere with the signal as you’re able to see them do it. Even internet services delivered by internet providers ensure that Google Pay works well. Moreover, since Google Pay is protected by a user’s phone, any hacker would first have to get hold of the phone physically to get the personal details of the user.

Since these are further protected by the face ID or a PIN, it is impossible for an online breach. Unfortunately, if a thief does get hold of the card physically, even in that case, G-Pay ensures that it’s not easy for anybody to reach the final payments, except the real user. G-Pay quickly alerts the user about any suspicious activity via their connected email account. Google Pay also quickly releases a message when a payment is made to a person, who is not on their contact list.

The App Can Be Deleted Remotely But Doesn’t Offer Assistance

The data stored in the app can be deleted remotely since it’s connected with a user’s Google Account. So if a user’s phone is stolen and is somehow unlocked by the thief, the user can still protect their payment information.

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On the other hand, if the user used G-Pay to make an online purchase but has not received it, then Google-Pay does nothing to facilitate the user. What’s more, is that Google Pay doesn’t sell their user’s information online.

Therefore, no digital advertisers would ever get hold of a user’s private spending habits via Google Pay. Furthermore, Google Pay can only be used if a thief physically gets hold of your cellphone. Otherwise, it is impossible to do so. 

Using G-Pay for a Safe and Secure Transaction

Google Pay ensures that all its users have peace of mind when using the app. Moreover, the app provides instant notifications each time a transaction takes place. Using the app means that users allow the app to access their bank account, that’s why it’s even more important to optimize phone settings and report anything that appears even remotely suspicious.

Nonetheless, users should always remember to never make transactions for strangers, whether they are a colleague or neighbor, as the app does not help the user at all if they are scammed. Only send money to those contacts that are on the list. 

Conclusion: Should Users Use G-Pay to Make Regular Transactions?

Although Google Pay is quite secure and has plenty of useful safety features, it keeps the user’s information safe, much more than when they use a debit/credit card. Similar to most contactless payment apps, it does not offer buyer protection and because of this factor, users need to be more alert about the various purpose(s) they use the app for!

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