WPT Poker 101: Rules, Etiquette, and Prizes

In addition to the strategy, bankroll management, and other aspects of playing poker, learning the various rules of any given website, practicing the proper etiquette, and familiarizing yourself with the prizes and payouts are equally important. 

While it is unfortunate that some players will never take the time to understand certain rules or even follow basic etiquette, you certainly don’t want to be one of these players. If you are already familiar with the common rules of the games, then the few tweaks you see for online poker should be no problem to learn.

Here are some of the ins and outs of WPT poker and how to properly navigate gameplay:

Basic Rules for Online Poker at WPT 

Poker itself has a moderate set of rules, and it is critical that you understand these first. This includes hand rankings, the order of action, what the button, small, and big blinds mean, and so on. If you have ever played poker in person, the experience will be identical.

When it comes to specific online WPT rules, they are pretty universal, with a few differences between cash games and tournaments: 

Cash Games

  • One player per account
  • No collusion or working together of any kind
  • No angle-shooting
  • No verbal abuse in the chat


  • No chip dumping
  • WPT reserves the right to cancel/alter details to any tourney without notice and for any reason
  • Certain prizes and awards in various tournaments may have to be redeemed in a specific manner.

Both lists are incomplete rundowns of the entire rule set for playing online at WPT. But they do cover a lot of what you need to know. Other rules may apply as the situation arises.

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Common Etiquette in Online Poker

There are a lot of written (and unwritten) rules of etiquette when it comes to poker. Fortunately, when playing WPT poker online, there is far less to know than in brick-and-mortar card rooms. Here are a few of the most courteous examples:

  • Don’t taunt or berate opponents
  • Don’t slow roll or continually let your time bar run out
  • Don’t discuss hand details while the hand is still in play
  • If you can’t type in chat and play swiftly, stop chatting

Prizes for Tournaments and Cash Games

The prizes in tournaments and wins in cash games are determined solely by the amount of the tournament buy-in and the stakes in a cash game. Since WPT offers everything from micro-stakes to high stakes, the amount you pay is totally up to you.

WPT Poker Provides High-Quality Play with High-Tech Security and a Genuine PRNG

Even before you get a feel for the rules and intricacies of one site from another, the most important thing is to know you are playing on a quality, fair, and secure gaming provider. WPT provides the highest levels of each. 

In addition, it is the only site with a unique pseudo-random number generator as it does not use a seeding-based system, providing more randomized results. 


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