Best 10 Key Benefits of iOS App Development for Business

iOS App Development for Business

The global mobile app market is very competitive and for an app to become successful, the number of features is not enough. Modern apps have to look visually appealing, offer the best performance, keep apps easy to understand and follow other such practices to have a good probability of success in the market. However, there are certainly other metrics that decide how well the app is going to grow in the target market as well such as marketing strategies, tech understanding of the target market, and more.

A Statista report says that by the 3rd quarter of 2022, the Apple App Store had over 1.6 million apps for iOS users. So, you can imagine the massive size of competition that exists in the segment. But the reason behind the existence of these many apps is the benefits that iPhone apps offer. In this blog, we are throwing some light on these benefits that help businesses across the globe by using iOS apps.

  1. Better cybersecurity

iOS apps are considered to be more secure compared to their alternatives as Apple App Store has some strict cybersecurity standards that all developers are required to follow. These security features not only protect user privacy and data but also focus on protecting businesses against any hack attempts and privacy leaks. Some tools popular among the leading top cloud consulting companies are Xcode, Appian, Fabric, and more. 

2. Fast and easy testing

As the range of iOS devices is very less due to the exclusivity of the operating system, it is much easier and faster to test iOS apps before launching them in the real market. It also helps developers in optimizing new features faster to ensure compatibility with all iOS versions.

3. Visually appealing apps

iOS apps are known for their performance. So, developers have the freedom to make their apps look more visually appealing by integrating even heavy elements in the UI such as animations and videos. Additionally, modern iOS devices are well known for their fast performance which makes them an ideal choice for heavy apps as well.

4. Higher paying capacity of the target group

iPhones are known for their quality but it is also a fact that most of the iPhone models are expensive compared to the majority of Android devices. A Statista report says, in the second half of 2022, Apple App Store generated $21.2 billion globally by consumer spending compared to $10.4 billion from Google Play Store. These numbers prove the buying power of iOS users on average is higher compared to that of Android userbase.

5. The best option for western markets

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Countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, and more are leading users of iOS devices. To target these markets by deploying apps to the majority of users, targeting iPhones is a wiser decision for these markets as the brand leads the popularity. iPhone app store is also trusted by most of the governments in this region so it becomes easier for your app to comfortably run in the developed market if it meets all standards set by the Apple app store.

6. Enhanced brand reputation

Apple is known for its reliability, security, and standards that it maintains in the global app market. So, any affiliation with the Apple App Store is good for the branding of your business as it helps users in trusting your brand better. Whether in terms of security or quality, having an iOS app that is approved by Apple authorities can give your brand reputation a boost.

7. Safer transactions 

iOS devices are now updated to use AI and machine learning to improve cybersecurity standards. So, the probability of any phishing hacks or security breaches has almost perished especially in newer versions of iOS devices. This gives businesses and users relief as their data such as payment details, passwords, bank details, etc remain safer and secret. As a business owner, such security standards can save you from any unexpected financial or personal losses in the future.

8. Higher revenues 

As mentioned above, Apple App Store, despite having fewer apps compared to the Google Play Store, earns way better on average through consumer spending. This happens due to the better buying power of iOS users on average. For your business, it can be an opportunity to leverage if you want to charge more for your app from this specific target market. To generate good revenues faster and to improve ROIs, this can be a golden opportunity if your line of business has fewer competitors.

9. Faster loading time and performance

The brand reputation of a business in this era is not only dependent on the quality of service but it also depends on the quality of digital products used by the business to serve its customers. If your business owns a slow app that annoys users even before they can make a purchase or explore options, they will never want to come to your app or website again. 

However, the performance standards that iOS devices offer can save your business from such humiliation and allow you to offer faster loading times to your customers despite making apps that look good and offer multiple features. Apple App Store also releases helpful tools often to help developers in building and releasing faster apps. Also, its review standards ensure your app is fast enough to remain on its app store.

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10. Faster development and deployment

For iOS apps, there are plenty of ready-to-use tools available in the app development market that you can use to build apps faster. These tools come with features such as drag-and-drop UI elements and features, automated testing, low-code development, etc. You can simply prepare a rough UI and start with the development process even without a team. However, these low-code development tools will limit your creativity and freedom to customize your app. 


The iOS market is dynamic and as these devices are getting more affordable, the market is expanding. Now, in this blog, we covered almost all the benefits that a business can have by targeting this market segment. Whether you are planning to boost your brand reputation or revenues, with a proper strategy, you have plenty of benefits to enable for your businesses by launching an iOS app. So, if you have an idea that you can convert into a full-fledged app for the iOS market, we suggest that you should go for it. All the best!

Now, before we wind up this blog for good, let’s have a look at some key benefits we discussed above to revise-

  • iOS apps lead the market segment in terms of cybersecurity
  • It is easier to test iOS apps due to the limitation of versions and variations of the operating system
  • iOS apps are able to support better visuals as iOS is optimized for specific devices which results in a good performance
  • Apple App Store makes better revenue overall compared to Google Play Store despite having fewer apps that speak facts about the paying capacity of users
  • For markets like the UK, the USA, and Canada, iOS is a leading option to target due to having larger userbase compared to Android
  • iOS provides better optimization and follows higher quality standards which positively impact the brand’s reputation
  • Always-evolving cybersecurity standards of iOS devices make it easier to secure transactions
  • iOS is better optimized for having limited numbers of devices to run on. Thus, it is able to support faster loading time and performance collectively
  • iOS apps are now faster to develop due to having plenty of assisting options such as low-code development tools that include already-prepared UI/UX elements and features that can be integrated into apps by dragging and dropping

Well, that is all for the 10 key benefits of iOS app development for businesses!

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