Five Body Parts Involved In The Science of Ergonomics

Five Body Parts Involved In The Science of Ergonomics

Sitting in the same position from nine to five certainly takes a toll on your body. It may seem no harm done, but you are at risk of having diseases that might recover or might not. Hence, you should always find a way of balancing the body and your working environment.

This becomes possible with the help of ergonomics. Since we know about ergonomics, we are going to explain to you about the five body parts involved in the science of ergonomics. To know, more about it keep scrolling!

1.    Neck

The neck is the part of your body, which can have neck strain or stiffness. It happens due to cradling phone between your neck and shoulder, looking down for a prolonged time, the strain on the neck muscles while working.

The pain shoots up in the neck while moving the head in whichever direction. You can prevent it from happening is sit straight and do not keep your face slouched forward. Besides, if you are using the phone, then keeps it shifting from one to the other. Always keep the computer screen or use the monitor arm at your eye level so that there is no strain.

2.    Shoulders

Shoulder strain or stiffness, rotator cuff tendinitis is caused when your shoulder is damaged. When you constantly lean your head in front, slouch your shoulders, work with your hands above head, then you might develop the injury.

Again, as mentioned earlier, the pain shoots up in the shoulder every time you move. Always form a ninety-degree angle between your elbow and shoulders. And lastly, keep the shoulders relaxed and never tensed

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Five Body Parts Involved In The Science of Ergonomics

3.    Back

When your back is injured, then you might feel numbing pain in the upper legs. There is whole vibration occurring in the body. These back injuries are often the reason causing you to walk. Sometimes, the sciatica nerve presses down and thereby causing you pain.

To prevent it from a back injury, NEVER EVER sit in the hunch position. Sit in a straight place and walk around every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Do a little stretching. By doing so, your muscles and joints will not be much strained.

4.    Hands, Wrists, Fingers

For someone who keeps working from nine to five in front of the computer while working, can also develop the injury in hands, wrists, and fingers.  Pain in the thumbs, difficulty in moving the fingers, pain, swelling, numbness, and more results into the injury.

If you don’t perform the ergonomically correct movements, then chances are you shall have strain together in all three body parts. You can use the ergonomically keyboard and mouse to prevent the injury.

5.    Pelvis, Hips, Feet, and Ankles

The sharp pain can shot up in your pelvis and hips when you stand for a longer time. If you are someone who has to stand for 8 hours, then it’s best to move the weight from one leg to the other. Using a leg rest will also help you in relieving the pain or sitting for a few minutes in between.

For feet and ankle, the pain can strike up and cause discomfort in the heels by causing too much stress if you are overweight. If your feet are up almost throughout the day, then try to eat the right food and exercise. While sitting down, please make sure to keep the feet straight and no stress is given.

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