Tips to Plan the Amazing Wildlife Safari in Africa

Wildlife Safari

What else could be better than safari in Africa for a wildlife lover and to enjoy the pure taste of the wild? Africa is the continent famous for its massive jungles and diversity in wildlife. We all enjoy watching animals on national geography but seldom think to go and see them ourselves. It would be as exciting as the thought of it is. Africa should be your next travel destination and we are here to help you plan your trip. From fun-filled adventurous days and a comfortable place to sleep at night, you can get all of it through proper planning and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Here are some tips to plan your trip to Africa makes it a lifetime experience:

Specify the Country:

Start planning your trip by specifying the country you want to travel to. There are mainly two regions where most of the tourists go for safari i.e. East Africa and Southern Africa. These two regions are distinct but have the same key animals that you might be wanting to see. In the case of East Africa, tourists mainly travel to countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda. While in Southern Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana offer the best facilities for a safari trip. By narrowing down the country you can easily sort out the packages you want to take and consider half of your homework done already!


The second most important thing to look for is the Visa policy of the country or countries you have decided to visit. Various African countries have visa on arrival policy for Americans while for others you might be required to apply week or a few days prior to your planned date. Always check visa policies beforehand because they vary as per the nationality. You can get the necessary guidelines through the internet.

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A Photo of a Bird Perched On Tree

There are two seasons that might affect your safari trip i.e. one is rainy and the other is dry. During the rainy season, there is an abundance of water and lush green grass so there is less possibility that might see animals lingering around in search of food. Moreover, the roads can get worst and make locations inaccessible. On the contrary, the dry season can either be too hot or too cold and might get uncomfortable, however, you can see the most of wildlife around because they would be fighting for survival and traveling in search of water and food. Yet it is wildlife and unpredictable, so you can plan your trip keeping in view the weather conditions. Packages also vary from season to season and you can adjust as per your budget.

Your Health:

Getting essential vaccinations before traveling is highly recommended. Being around wildlife can expose you to many diseases and infections, so you are mostly recommended to get typhoid, hepatitis A and B, Yellow fever, Malaria, etc. Besides, always keep your regular medication along with you. Moreover, keep a first aid box along having medicines that you are not allergic to because in a foreign country it can get tricky to buy the medicine that you require.


Always keep extra cash along on a safari trip because you might want to tip the staff or guides and you cannot use your credit card for that for sure. Moreover, you will spend more time on the outskirts of the cities, so to buy various stuff always keep cash and do not rely on the credit card. In Africa, people are happy to accept US dollars, so you can change your money before you get there.

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What to Pack:

You must pack some neutral color clothes and light cloths along with a jacket or fleece. During day temperature might be high so, light clothing will help, and nights in Africa are cold so the jacket will be helpful. On a safari trip, you will spend most of your time sitting in a vehicle so, you can even wear flipflops. If you are chosen to walk, then make sure to have comfortable shoes on. In accessories, you can have a hat or scarf or whatever you want to wear with your outfits.

A safari trip is a unique and fun thing to go for. You must plan your trip as there are several facilitators and upgraded customer services available. Looking at the wildlife in their natural habitat will surely be a thrilling experience for you!

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