A Step By Step Guide For Using Adhesive Bras


Wearing a silicone (adhesive bra) properly is not everybody’s cup of tea. The adhesive on the underside of the bra is quite sticky, and repositioning the bra can be quite painful. Wearing adhesive bras can be less challenging if you follow a few simple rules discussed in this blog post.

Wearing The Adhesive Bra The Right Way

So, when you visit an adhesive bra wholesale store, make sure you buy the right size and also get hold of an instruction page that guides you about the proper usage. 

The first thing to do is to read the instruction manual carefully. Even if you have used a stick-on bra before and are trying out a new brand, it is best to read the instruction manual again. This is because the steps for putting on an adhesive bra may vary from one brand to another.

  • Clean And Dry Your Body

Before putting on the adhesive bra, cleaning and completely drying your body is vital. Any soap residue or foam can affect the adhesive’s ability to stick to your skin properly. 

  • Separate The Cups

In some designs, the two cups can be detached from each other. Detaching the cups helps to get a better fit. After all, it is easier to handle one cup at a time rather than managing two of them simultaneously. 

  • Use A Mirror

It is always advisable to use a front mirror to see what you are doing clearly. So, if possible, use a full-size mirror when you are wearing an adhesive bra.

  • Remove The Plastic Backing

The underside of an adhesive bra has a plastic backing that keeps the adhesive intact, so carefully peel off the plastic backing. Be careful so the bra does not come in contact with any other surface that can get stuck to the sticky surface. So, remove pieces of cotton or tissue paper in your vicinity before you peel off the plastic backing.

  • Flip The Bra Inside-Out

Flipping the bra inside out makes it easy to fit. Also, one must be careful to avoid air bubbles so you do not feel uncomfortable.

  • Affix The Bra Properly

The right way to fix the bra is by applying smooth upward motion and gentle pressure on the silicone bra. If you are wearing a sidewise bra, gently press those extensions on your back so there are no wrinkles or air pockets between your skin and the elongated wings. You must use the opposite hand to fix the extended wings on either side. 

  • Remove The Bra Carefully

When you are done for the day, you must remove the adhesive bra carefully without hurting yourself. Be gentle and take your time while peeling off your body’s adhesive bra.

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Adhesive Bras are quite useful and easy to use. Wearing them more comfortably and less painfully requires following all the tips mentioned in this blog post. Ensure you do not put on or remove the bra in haste so that you do not damage the product or get hurt.

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