Top 10 Automatic Knives for Outdoor Enthusiasts: A 2024 Review


In the 21st century, automatic knives have become a very useful option among different age groups. Its most common uses include cutting, peeling, self-defence, and carving. Due to its increasing demand, many manufacturers have started providing pocket knives custom globally. The following section provides a comprehensive guide to the best automatic knives to consider for outdoor enthusiasts. 

10 Most Useful Automatic Knives To Buy In 2024

Before buying an automatic knife, a person should consider various factors like price, illegality, uses, reliability, etc. There are legal implications to carrying automatic knives in certain areas or countries. Have a look at the following list of the best automatic knives in 2024.

1. Volken Automatic Knife

Volken automatic knives are in high demand because of their cost-effectiveness and all-around cutting efficiency. They have a variety of blades and lock types incorporated in their products, added with out-of-the-box design. 

2. Pro-Tech TR-3 X1M 

Pro-Tech TR-3 is an excellent automatic knife which is easy to use and is handy. An additional benefit of this knife is that it is equally beneficial for defensive and utility applications. Its sharp edges and all-around features make this knife a durable and reliable option. 

3. Benchmade Claymore

This folding automatic knife is a handy knife with an exceptional ergonomic grip. It provides different edges for different scenarios or purposes. The only downside of this all-around knife is that it is expensive.

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4. Boker Kalashnikov Auto 

When it comes to a cost-effective automatic knife, Boker Kalashnikov Auto is one of the finest options to consider. It comes in several sizes, colours, finishes, materials, etc. People regard this knife as cost-effective, sharp, and well-designed. The downside of this knife is that it will wear comparatively faster than other knives. 

5. Microtech SOCOM Elite 

Microtech SOCOM Elite is a handy automatic knife most suitable for military men. Its speed of opening makes it a standout option among other knives. Its oversized button makes it the best knife for defensive uses. 

6. Pro-Tech Godson 

As the name suggests, it gives the knife-holder a classy and traditional gangster look/feel. It is a perfect combination of an old-school-styled knife with modern features and sharpness. Due to unmatchable features, Godson is one of the most highly acclaimed and popular automatic knives. 

7. Case XX Marilla

This automatic knife is specifically designed for field work and defensive uses. It has a splendid build quality and offers long-term reliability to the user. It has a blade length of 3.4 inches with a frame lock mechanism. 

8. Benchmade Auto Immunity 

Benchmade Auto Immunity knife is an amazing option for daily routine uses. It is more suitable for cutting, peeling, and carving. Its small size, tough steel, and rock-solid safety make it a handy option for every type of person. 

9. Kershaw Launch 6

This knife has a decent blade length of 3.75 inches and comes with a push button. It is widely known for its crisp opening, lightweight, and great design. Many users find it an expensive buy. However, this automatic knife holds its reputation of being an excellent knife with a push button. 

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10. SOG Twitch II 

SOG Twitch II is a creative and uniquely designed handy pocket knife. A person can use it for multiple tasks because of its sharpness. It provides an extra safety layer by providing a small sliding lock.


The demand for automatic knives is growing tremendously. Buyers should consider the recent regulations on the knives usage in public before selecting the best one for them. The most crucial factors to know while choosing a switchblade are material, fit, feel, safety, blade length, durability, etc.

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