How to Sell Your Home Before It’s Officially on the Market

How to Sell Your Home Before It's Officially on the Market

Are you planning to sell your house? If yes, then technically, you would be thinking of putting it on the multiple listing services. Though this is an age-old practice and very much in trend, just think about selling off your house even before it is actually on the market!

It does sound amazing, does it not? Well, you needn’t be that surprised because many people have actually done exactly this and have benefitted from it and so can you!

The role of the MLS is to distribute your listing on various real estate websites in order to sell your property. However, you could do so yourself as well and achieve remarkable results.

That is why we have come up with the following tips to help you sell off your house/property before it is officially on the market.

  1. Signboards

Signboards are a sure way of attracting buyers – especially if you put the right message across. You may have heard of and seen the signboard – ‘On Sale’. However, one that would make a bigger impact on the potential buyers is when you put up a signboard saying, ‘Coming Soon’. This signboard comes extremely handy when you are focusing on drawing your buyers’ attention to your yet-to-be listed property. When people walk by your house, they will have an idea that you will soon be listing your house and they will come to ask you the price and details. This will give early access to your potential buyers and be of an advantage to you too.
Typically note that a ‘coming soon’ status can be placed 21 days before you actually list it. That is still a lot of time for you to create awareness about your property.

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2. Right Price

Pricing your property right from the very beginning will help to avoid any complications later. Often, sellers rely on negotiations. But this might result in a slower sale and often at a much lesser price than you expected. Remember that by fixing your price right, potential buyers would respect your decision and your property rules. Most of the time, buyers themselves are well-acquainted with the area and the price range of that area, so that no one could fool them.

3. Enhance your surroundings

While buyers are interested in the property or the house itself, they are also often attracted with the outer surroundings. You could do your gardening, plant fresh plants and flowers, adding paintwork wherever necessary, fixing the garage door or replacing the outdoor lamps as some of the enhancements. Often the first impression is your last. So make enhancements foreseeing the buyers’ perspective.

4. Give your house a makeover

How to Sell Your Home Before It's Officially on the Market

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What goes for outside, goes for the inside too. Give your house a makeover by making new fixtures, giving fresh paint and updating the landscape.  The way you project your property would add appeal to your potential buyers. Also, remember to clean, declutter and depersonalize your property. Let the buyers feel connected to it in their own way. Remember that while you need to let go of your emotions, the new buyers need to feel strongly about the property they are planning to buy.

5. Be flexible

Be flexible about people visiting you at odd hours – early in the morning, at night and on weekends, with little notice. This will make your property available to prospective buyers without any hindrance. Discuss the home’s pros and cons honestly.

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6. Team up with a loan officer

How to Sell Your Home Before It's Officially on the Market

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Local loan officers help in setting a deal with prospective buyers. There are no compulsions that the home-buyers have to make a deal with the loan officers. But partnering with a loan officer would allow the buyers to understand how their dream home could actually be affordable to them. Also, loan officers help in marketing your property efficiently.

7. Spread the word

How to Sell Your Home Before It's Officially on the Market

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Once you are ready to show your property, tell everyone that you’re getting ready to list your home. Make use of social media as well as the traditional oral communication method via friends, etc. Make sure to take good pictures of your property.

8. Assign a real-estate agent

You could also assign a real-estate agent or a property manager to handle all the cares and issues for your house/property.

They will ensure that the house is updated and ready for the market, they will look after the rent collection, as well as policy enforcement. Like Keller Williams Miami, their goal is to sell your property at a fair highest price in the shortest amount of time and they will do so professionally and efficiently.


You can easily sell off your house/property even before getting listed by using the above guidelines. So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and confidently get success!

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