How To Choose The Right Size Of Power Generator For Your Home?

Power outages are sometimes so abrupt that they disrupt the everyday routine, particularly when most of your essential equipment is electricity driven. Homeowners big and small do not want to be left at the mercy of power outages. But unfortunately, not all sizes of generators suit all homes. Therefore, buying a portable generator needs certain thought so that it doesn’t turn out to be too large or too small. If you are not equipped with the right knowledge, you may end up with the wrong power generator. 

Power Requirement

It is the most important factor to consider before buying a power generator. An average home with lights, refrigerators, and television may need 5K to 7K watts. But homes with appliances like air conditioning systems or water pumps would need 10K or a larger capacity generator.

Fuel Type

Generators are powered by different types of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, or propane. Though Diesel generators are fuel-efficient and require less maintenance, they are expensive to buy. Gasoline generators do not cost as much but require regular maintenance. Propane generators are the most fuel-efficient but are not readily available in many areas. 

Location and climate:

Some areas may have extended power shortages due to environmental factors. Suppose, if your home is located in a geographical region with a good frequency of storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, your home may require a larger generator to satisfy your power needs. If your home is located in a cold climate, definitely you will require a generator with a larger capacity to keep the house warm during power outages.  

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Type of Generator

 A range of generators like standby, portable, and inverter generators are available in the market. They come with their own capacity and size for you to choose from. You can choose any depending on your needs and requirement. While for short power outages and outdoor activities diesel generators, portable and silent are suitable, standby generators though not as powerful as others, are the most fuel-efficient. 

Why choose the right size generators?

It is sometimes convenient to fiddle with the ideal requirements, particularly when you are trying to save money. If you select a generator that is too small for your home it will damage the appliances. As the devices pull excessive power from the generator, you may also end up damaging the generator. Choosing the right size generator will only help you extend the life span of your gadgets and generators with consistent production performance, fewer capacity overloads, prevention of unexpected system failures, increased personal safety etc. 


Buying a generator for your home is a big investment decision you need to make. As most homeowners do not consider it important, they end up buying the wrong type of generator. Apart from power, type of fuel, brand, and size, there are many other factors to count on while buying a generator for a home or a business. To get ahead of your doubts, the first best option is to consult a certified electrician who can assess your specific needs. You can do it yourself by following a few basic guidelines but at the end of the day, it is the experts who know what is best for you. TTS Ltd is known for making quality generators for a variety of industries. Get more information about their products here. 

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