The end of Conor McGregor’s career?

Yes, one day even a man as ironclad as Dana White had to run out of patience. With his ill-considered statements and bizarre antics, the scandalous Irishman has completely finished off the UFC management. Take his statement that UFC can easily negotiate with USADA about exceptions in doping tests. 

No, Conor hasn’t been eliminated from the UFC (yet), but it means he’s no longer seen as a top fighter. It means that the organization is letting the former two weight class champion know that he no longer has priority, the right to choose his opponent, etc. Who among the top 5 will fight an unranked fighter? Who will give millions to this fight? Eight years. Think about it, eight years the Irishman was a symbol of success and untold riches. He allowed himself so much, and everyone around him tolerated it. And now his patience has run out.

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There’s McGregor and then there’s everyone else.

Conor really was a superstar on a planetary scale. His charisma and flamboyant behavior burned everything out before the fight, and then the Irishman would go to the octagon and continue to fume there. But gradually, everyone lost interest in Notorious. Yesterday there was a whole queue of money-hungry tops and middle-ranked fighters lined up behind his tattooed body. We remember how his social media was red-hot with dozens of challenges.

What do we have now? Conor himself, from time to time, lazily challenges his former irreconcilable foes, but all he gets in return is smirks. Like, what kind of fighter are you, what can a fight with you give us? Money? You never shared the money, taking most of it for yourself. Hype? What kind of heat can a fighter get from beating up a haughty veteran? What sporting interest in a fight with a severely injured superstar? Even the fans are remembering less and less that McGregor hasn’t fought in the UFC in a long time.

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Perhaps Conor should retire from professional sports altogether. We’re convinced he’d love to be welcomed into wrestling. Conor would not have to risk his health there, he would be able to earn a lot of money and show off for the public. Imagine McGregor and Rousey fighting! That would be fun… And the chances of Notorious coming back to the UFC are practically gone. Right now, neither the organization, nor McGregor himself needs it!

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