The Top European Baby Formula Brands to Consider for Your Child

The formula you choose should be the one that most closely replicates breast milk if you have opted to supplement or exclusively feed your infant with it for a variety of reasons.

When looking for the highest-quality baby formula that is comparable to breast milk, you want to be sure that it is organic and manufactured with healthy nutrients that will promote the baby’s growth. 

Organic European Vs. Organic American Formula

Compared to American formulas, organic European baby food producers use healthier components and comply with stricter rules governing ingredient composition. The ingredients tend to be better rated and cleaner. 

Top Brands of European Organic Formulas


Since its founding in Germany in 1899, the HiPP brand is leading the field in inventiveness for both eco-friendly enterprises and organic baby food in Europe. They move beyond what is required by laws to claim everything as natural. HiPP is known to recreate breast milk as accurately as possible and was designed by a team of specialists in baby nutrition implementing findings from over 55 years of studies on breastfeeding. 


A practically century-long tradition of organic goodness maintains the Holle brand. With the Demeter certification, Holle holds itself to a high standard and leads the industry in obtaining organic products from ecological farms.  

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An integral part of the Holle Family that was made available to parents as an affordable alternative organic European baby food 10 years ago. The formula is sourced from farms with high standards for farming practises because the ingredients carry Bioland certification.

The products can be categorized into a few types of formulas:

Organic Cow’s Milk Formulas

Cow’s milk is the most frequently used foundation for organic infant formulas. The majority of organic cow’s milk formulas are produced with skimmed milk and organic vegetable oils that offer fatty acid compositions that are like the ones found in breast milk.

Organic Goat’s Milk Formulas

The nutrients in these formulas are identical to those in cow’s milk formulas, but they might be better suited for infants who have difficulties digesting cow’s milk formula of symptoms like allergies, dermatitis, or abdominal discomfort, which may indicate the presence of milk protein intolerance. 

Hypoallergenic Formulas

Infants with a milder type of intolerance or awareness of the protein found in cow’s milk could profit from the hydrolyzed formula, where milk proteins are fractured into smaller fragments to make them simpler to digest. Infants with an extreme allergy, however, are more likely to demand a special amino acid-based formula. 


Specialty Formulas

Young infants frequently face problems with feeding because their growing digestive systems might want support in digesting the amino acids in formula. 


While there is no “ideal” infant formula, select premium formulas may offer your child with the best (healthiest) start in life. HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert are just a few of the clean, nutritious, and organic formulas that have helped countless babies all over the world. They played a role in their development, and growth. As you may remember, the most valuable thing you can do for your child is to ensure that they are well-fed, happy, and healthy.

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