Hosting a Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party

You might want to host a murder mystery party but with a twist. The storyline is about “The Boy Who Lived,” and this is where Harry Potter fans can gather together and make a memorable night. See more about Harry Potter on this page.

So, how do you get started with your mystery dinner game? Fortunately, most of the legwork is done by a kit that can help you organize everything in no time. You can write your own story or get ideas from a Harry Potter-themed kit. In the meantime, here are some details you need to watch out for.

Owl Invitations are the Right Way to Go

The owl delivered mail and letters in the book and the movie. Although you can email and chat with everyone so they can double-check their schedules, it would still help if you sent actual letters with postage, owl pictures, and printed names of the guests in them. This gesture is going to be very appreciated, especially now that only a few people receive these kinds of invitations.

After they have confirmed their availability and they send their RSVPs, you can always email them the details of the murder mystery party. Most of the time, Harry Potter is murdered in his room, and everyone has to figure out who killed him. Send out a printed ticket from the Hogwarts Express and include the roles and characters of the guests, and don’t forget the potions to make everything more real.

When the night arrives, do not forget the decorations. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff can represent each guest’s house. Get the glittering gold around, check posts from Pinterest, and see how the green and silver of the Slytherin contrast with that of the other houses.

The cutlery, centrepieces, ceiling hangings, signs on the walls, and banners should match the scenes in the Harry Potter Movie. If the dinner is being hosted virtually, it’s best if everyone has a background that matches the theme perfectly. It will also help if they bring their own props for a more realistic effect.

What Scenes to Include?

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The book and movies offer so many scenes for a mystery party. The murder might happen in the middle of a potions class, or it could be at the Three Broomsticks, where everyone is happily drinking Butterbeer and talking about the upcoming Quidditch Match. If you find yourself stumped, you can always check the Harry Potter murder mystery party that will help you with the characters, storyline, and things that you’ll need for a successful dinner. They generally come with in-depth instructions, and the host needs to carry them out to the letter.

As props, you can label some herbs as bubotuber pus, bezoars, belladonna, and venomous leaves. Set them up on a bar that is labelled beverages. It will help if they have wizarding names. Rum can be Doxy Venom, while an iced tea can be labelled Mermaid Tears for the night.

About the Costumes

It is more fun if everyone shows up already dressed in the characters they will represent. Of course, every witch and wizard will require a wand, and you can get chopsticks, glue, and acrylic to make them. Handcrafted wands are helpful, and they can even serve as mementos. If you have the time, you can put a label on each of them and put them in a box that looks similar to the ones sold at Ollivanders for more accuracy.

Everyone should wear something relevant to the theme, so it’s best to make this clear before the party starts. The guests should know about the robes of the witches and wizards, and everything should match, including the hat and wands. Of course, do not forget the scar and the radish earrings.

What are the Possible Food Preferences?

A dinner party is never complete without food. Prepare all the required courses and serve snacks. Everyone should be ready to solve the mystery and have fun after finishing the desserts and refreshments. Whether it is a sit-down meal or you prefer a theme where everyone can have fun, solve the mystery, and eat at the same time, it would be totally up to you.

Get the cocktails ready and prepare a lot of Butterbeer, especially if many adults attend. Do not forget the bouillabaisse, chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, and others that are appropriate in a Harry Potter theme. You can search Google to get an idea of the overall menu, but the rock cakes, shepherd’s pie, and treacle tart recipes should be available on some sites. You can choose to serve sugar quills, but everything is totally up to you. Visit the link for an available rock cake recipe.

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This is not to say that you should follow the recipes in the letter. Of course, you can serve Caesar Salad, sugared lemon slices or sorbet, and steak if you want. This will keep everyone full and in good spirits to solve the mystery. Finish everything with a serving of ice cream and give them a Harry Potter-themed name for a twist.

What to Do Next?

The scene can be similar to that of the Great Hall. After everyone arrives from the train and when they are settled, each guest should be assigned the character they need to play. The tables can be covered with an assortment of leaves, books, candles, skulls, and fruits.

Start the games, and it is always important that everyone stays in their chosen character. It becomes a more immersive experience this way, and everyone is encouraged to play their role the moment they step inside the house or when the dinner party begins. This will make it hard for everyone to figure out who the killer is, and anyone who might have a clue about what is going to happen will not give away any information and spoil the fan.

Offer excellent prizes for the winner. It could be a cash prize visible in a glass jar to ensure that the guests follow the script. The confidential information is only needed to be shared when it is time. Another key point is to have fun and enjoy the party overall. This event can be available on the streets or at a private dinner party, so make the most of it.

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