Portable Storage Unit Sizes Melbourne

As one of Australia’s largest and most dynamic cities, the challenge of storage can be quite substantial, particularly in smaller homes or businesses in Melbourne. This is where small storage units come into play. They’re a flexible, secure, and often cost-effective solution for those battling with clutter or planning a move. 

Before choosing a portable storage unit, it’s crucial to understand their size options and what can fit inside each. Today, we’ll explore various sizes of mobile storage units available in Melbourne and decipher what each can accommodate.

What are Portable Storage Units in Melbourne?

At its most fundamental, a portable storage unit is a mobile storage solution. These units are sturdy containers, often made of weather-resistant steel, designed to safely house your belongings either short-term or long-term. Their portable nature allows them to be delivered directly to your doorstep, where you can pack them at your leisure. Once packed, these units can either be stored on your property, returned to the storage company for warehousing, or shipped directly to a new location.

The greatest appeal of Portable Storage Units in Melbourne is their flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re renovating, relocating, or simply requiring additional storage, these units adapt to your needs.

Portable Storage Unit Sizes

Cheap long-term storage come in various sizes to cater to a broad range of needs. 

Some of the common sizes available are:

6ft Mobile Storage Unit

8ft Mobile Storage Unit

10ft Mobile Storage Unit

20ft Mobile Storage Unit

1. The 6ft Mobile Storage Unit

The smallest among the commonly used sizes, the 6ft mobile storage unit offers a compact solution for your storage needs. Holding approximately the same amount as two standard bedrooms, this unit is ideal for storing smaller furniture items, seasonal decorations, personal mementos, or boxes of clothes.

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A typical 6ft unit can comfortably house a queen-sized mattress, a dresser, and a couple of small to mid-sized boxes. This size is perfect for students moving out of dorms, small businesses in need of inventory storage, or households undergoing minor renovations.

2. The 8ft Mobile Storage Unit

A slight step up from the 6ft option, the 8ft mobile storage unit holds roughly the equivalent of 2.5 standard bedrooms. It’s an excellent option for larger renovation projects or small to medium-sized apartment moves.

An 8ft unit can accommodate larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, dining sets, or even some smaller appliances along with boxes of personal items. It’s a convenient size for those looking to declutter their living space without compromising their prized possessions.

3. The 10ft Mobile Storage Unit

The 10 foot portable storage container is a great choice for anyone who needs extra room. For major home renovations or moves, this unit’s capacity of three bedrooms’ worth of belongings is ideal.

This size is great for storing a wide variety of objects, including many large furniture pieces, appliances, countless boxes of personal effects, and even sports gear. A 10ft unit could be the right solution for a household with a lot of stuff to store or a small business owner with a lot of inventory.

4. The 20ft Mobile Storage Unit

The 20-foot mobile storage unit dominates the competition. It’s ideal for large-scale projects like moving, remodeling, or running a business, as it can hold the belongings of a 3- or 4-bedroom house with ease.

Larger items like refrigerators and washers, as well as multiple furniture sets and a lot of cartons, can be stored in a 20ft unit. Because of its wide interior dimensions, it may also be used to store even larger things like pianos, king-sized beds, and dining room sets.

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Considerations for Picking a Mobile Storage Unit

  • The size of a storage container isn’t the only issue to think about while picking one out. By considering these, you may pick a storage unit that’s perfect for your needs and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Your belongings’ accessibility may change depending on the storage facility you use. Access to your stored items may be restricted to certain hours of operation or may need prior notification at some storage facilities.
  • Try to choose a storage container company that takes safety seriously. Each apartment may have its own security system, which may consist of a combination of cameras, locks, and alarms.
  • The weather in Melbourne ranges from hot and humid in the summer to cold and brisk in the winter. You should rent a climate-controlled storage container if you want to keep sensitive things in it, such as electronics, antique furniture, or works of art.
  • Think about the time commitment and cost of these offerings. Confirm the specifics, but in general, providers in Melbourne will bring the container right to your doorstep and then pick it up again when you’re done loading.
  • Portable storage unit rental costs might fluctuate dependent on factors such unit size, length of rental, and availability of optional features. Always shop around to find the greatest price for your needs by comparing offers from other vendors.


If you need extra space for decluttering, moving, or keeping business inventory, renting a portable storage container can make your life much easier. The decision-making process can be simplified by knowing the maximum capacity of each available unit size. You may find a variety of storage units in Melbourne, from little 6ft units to large 20ft units, to meet your requirements. If you do your research, you can pick a storage facility where you know your things will be secure and easy to get whenever you need them.

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