Ranbir Kapoor in the Most Versatile Roles

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Movies are the most essential part of the entertainment industry. There are world class actors that portray roles that one can admire. One such actor that has never failed in portraying the best is RanbirKapoor. The top 5 movies of the actor which proves why he is a versatile actor is:

Rockstar: One of the best works of RanbirKapoor was seen in the movie rockstar. It is a story of a struggling singer who goes through heartbreak and becomes the most famous rock star (Jordan). Nargis who is playing the role of the lover of Ranbir gets married to some other guy. She has a problem according to which she can’t live long. Everyone blames Jordan for her condition. The movie portrays the journey of a rockstar and the acting skills portrayed by Ranbir makes it a must-watch and the best work of the actor till date.

Ye JawaniHaiDeewani: This movie is a message for all those who have dreams and aim in life that they want to achieve at any cost. Ranbir who is playing the role of a bunny, a boy who wants to fulfill his every fantasy and dreams without thinking of it twice. The story starts with a tracking trip where Bunny goes with his friends and meets Naina (Deepika Padukone). The movie shifts to the other half as several years had passed and then the group reunites for a friend wedding and takes out all the feelings that they all have for each other. The actor surely displays the role of an admiring person who later realizes that he needs to have a life as well.

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Sanju: This movie is the biopic on the life of the actor Sanjay Dutt. RanbirKapoornailed it and imitated Sanjay Dutt exactly how he used to be when he was young. The movie portrayed all the hysterical movements of the life of Sanjay Dutt. The actor went through different body transformation according to the life of Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir was pretty good in portraying and giving full justice to the character.

AeDilHaiMushkil: The only movie in the cinema that portrays the power of one side love and how does it feel to not get the love in return. Ranbir plays the role of a guy who fell in love with a girl. The girl just treats him like a best friend and nothing more. The girl gets married to his boyfriend. The boy who felt heartbreak meets Aishwarya who sees the pain behind his eyes. The movie revolves around the three characters and how the bond of friendship is better than everything.

Wake Up Sid: Ranbir plays the role of a boy whose father is a millionaire and keeps on scolding his son for not having an aim in life. The boy was aimless in his life and just want to chill on his father’s hard-earned money but didn’t like his father scolding he leaves his house and start looking for a job. The movie portrays the boy story of becoming independent and the actor was successful enough to give full justice to the role.

It is quite easy for people to judge someone’s actions. But anything related to art is not an easy thing to do. So stop judging and start understanding.

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